Twitter Rolled Out Audio Feature And John Legend, Cardi B and Liz Phair Are Loving It

Written by on 18/06/2020



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Twitter already gave you a voice, but now it literally allows you to speak thanks to a new test feature rolled out on Wednesday (June 17) called Voice Tweets. It’s exactly what it sounds like, an audio version of tweeting, and, of course, it’s limited to 140-seconds, but that didn’t stop a bunch of artists from hopping on board on day one to give it a test drive.

Some, like Liz Phair, used the opportunity to Voice Tweet about Voice Tweet, in which the singer/songwriter debuted a new song about the service featuring the lines “Oh yeah, Twitter didn’t pay me to say this/But I like it very much/ I like it a lot/ I think I’ll use it too much.” Cardi B couldn’t resist either, though her trial run was just a silly series of “oh my God, what is this” in a silly voice and giggling about waking up at 2 p.m.

John Legend went a step further, posting a 35-second preview of his ballad “U Move, I Move” duet with Jhene Aiko from his upcoming Bigger Love album, while Lil Nas X kept it super silly with a one-second loop of one word: penis. He also came back later with a 27-second recording from a train station that was mostly train noise, plus an appreciation of his fans.

Zedd also kept it simple, with a two-second loop of the phrase “shave it,” with Jimmy Fallon totally going the promo route to list the guests on that night’s show, plus a bunch of time filler because he ran out of things to say. Lin-Manuel Miranda took it for a test drive with a run through Hamilton‘s “Helpless” on piano.

Check out some of the best first wave of Voice Tweets below.

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