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Marconie Fraser A.K.A.

My name is Marconie Fraser, born on August 1, 1982, in St. James, Jamaica. 

I grew up in a little community outside of Montego Bay by the name of Montpelier Blue Hole. My childhood in Montpelier was a struggle, most of the time I didn’t attend school. I would go out with older folks to hustle.

Hustling in the weed field was my main source of living as a youth growing up without a father with only mama alone; although life was a struggling for me i still enjoy myself as a youth, especially on Sundays, when we would play football or cricket.

I attended the Bicker Step Primary School, from there to the Chester Castle All Age School in Hanover. in 1998 i went to Clarendon  to live with my older sister and to learn a trade Auto Spraying. When i was in Clarendon, my cousin Rohan, helped me to get a license to drive trucks. I dd that job for a while when I worked at a hardware where to do removal work by carrying people’s goods.  

One day I went to the Rising Stars Audition, a singing competition.  I went in 2005 and 2006 I never get through the auditions. I saw another competition called Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall and I entered in November 2007 and become the first winner of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall in Jamaica. My name Singer Jah aka Waasskaa Ja the first king, crowned in live TV in Jamaica.

I have many popular songs such as :

Tings Haffi Better



Warrior of Jah Army

Only You in My Life

Prayer 2 The Most High

Wah Di War Fah

My first professional album, Warrior of Jah Army was nominated in the 2012/2013 international song competition. Warrior of Jah Army was produce by Reggae Land Production from out of Barcelona in Spain.

My name Waasskaa came one day when me  and my friends was on a shop piazza singing and one of them said, “Pull up the tune,” and naturally I just hear myself say, Waasskaa, and from then all the people call me Waasskaa.

Awards: 2012 – Included in Grammys provisional list in the category Best Reggae. Album with “Warrior of Jah Army” 2012 – #10 Best Reggae Album on (Italy) with “Warrior of Jah Army” 2012 – #10 Best Reggae Album on 893WUMD radio (USA) with “Warrior of Jah Army” 2012 – #1 Best Reggae Song on 892WUMD radio (USA) with “Prayers 2 Di Most High” 2010 – #1 on Jamaican charts with “Right on Time” 2008 – First Magnum King Of Dancehall.

Singer jah most recent album TINGS HAFFI BETTER was produced by  Jimmy “Tafari” 


Jimmy Tafari is a recognized
producer  from long island  he has work with many famous jamaican reggae artist, now he is working with artists from Kenya, South Africa, Long Island, England, Ghana, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Nigeria and Canada.
He is also is an artist  that was played worlwide in many  radio stations, incluiding Flordia, Georgia, England, Jamaica and Canada for his Debut Coxsone Studio One Dub “I Must Be Strong”
Inspirations: Scratch Perry, Brooklyn, DJ Premier, Duke Reid, Coxsone, Father Festus, Skatalites, Clive Chin, Raf Allen, Bob Marley. 
He  loves all music genres, Motown, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Country, Funk, etc, etc.
Tings you need to know about Jimmy Tafari:
He get inspired by everything; nature, the weather, friendship, sports.
Everything has a feeling attached to it that can inspire him musically.
He  dreams  that one day I will be remembered with the greats, with the Legends.
He loves all music but Reggae for him has a certain positivity that makes him want to achieve and be successful.
Reggae Music encourages him to persevere and behave in a righteous manner.
 When we asked him to describe this album he told us that :
This album to me represents the right to Love. It’s also is a cry for the poor that have no food to eat and are starving and given unfair opportunity.
There’s songs that are deep, have a vintage feel, Love songs, all types of songs that i think Kids, Grandkids and everyone in between can enjoy.
He also say that:
He look forward to producing more albums in the future, artists can contact him at [email protected] 
for more information. 
“He is in this for the LOVE of the music and for the LOVE of MANKIND.”

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