Roundtable reaction: Winners and losers of the NHL’s draft lottery solution

Written by on 26/05/2020



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OK, so it wasn’t a tournament to determine the draft order. Which, if you like chaos, was one of the best ideas to come out of the NHL’s brainstorming portion of its pause. But the NHL’s draft lottery plan is certainly something. It’s convoluted. It has multiple phases. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman even gave a bit of a warning before explaining it in his return video announcement, saying, “this is a bit complicated … and I apologize for that.”

It’s complicated but it also settled a few issues.

First, the basics:

1. There are 15 teams in the draft lottery. The seven teams done playing will participate in Phase 1 on June 26. There will be three drawings for the top three picks. If it’s three non-playoff teams, we’re all set! But of course, it won’t be. So chances are, it’s on to Phase 2.

2. Phase 2 of the lottery would be held after the qualifying round and before the start of…

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