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Voice Over Radio TEAM

Voice Over Radio Founders

  • Alvaro Tenorio Fallas.
    Alvaro Tenorio Fallas.CEO Founder.
    Alvaro Tenorio From the age of 17, I started with my dream of the production and locution, worked as VJ and Dj in different media, and continuing with the dream of becoming a producer based on the effort I have worked in local channels and radios, some time ago We started the VO Radio project. […]
  • Mr Firedon Rules.
    Mr Firedon Rules.CEO Founder.
    Born in 1978 – Ricardo Waddell Lewis  A.K.A. Mr Firedon more knowed in the music business as Firedon, has more than 12 years of experience in the music media, he started his musical career in 1998, his first recorded song was Me Fi Burn Dem in the popular Album called Vox Total Beat Vol.1, a […]

Marketing & sales department

  • Alex Delgado León
    Alex Delgado LeónMarketing and sales.
  • Anthony Pineda
    Anthony PinedaMarketing and sales.

Public relationist

  • Paul Planes Linox
    Paul Planes LinoxPublic relationist.
    Paul Planes Linox son of the singer Julie Linox and the Basketball player, Javier Planes. Born in Costa Rica in the province of San Jose on November 7, 1991, began his steps as an actor and model only 5 years after his birth, he was already making two commercials for Mas X Menos brand for […]

Voice Over Radio DJ’s

  • Dj Acon.
    Dj Acon.V.O.R. Dj.
    D. J. Acon A.K.A The Veteran… Reggae Night Crew start as a Sound System called Jammin’ lead by Acon…this sound became the most important sound in Limon in the late 80’s and 90’s,making the the people dance in the best bashments,reggae events and concerts. When Carnavales de Limon where happening, DJ Acon was offered to […]
  • Dj Anthony
    Dj AnthonyV.O.R. Dj.
  • Dj Arturo.
    Dj Arturo.V.O.R. Dj.
    My real name is Arturo Moscoso Orozco, I'm 44 years old, and i have 28 years of being a DJ. I have worked in bars such as Liberty, Taos, Los Bozales, La Hacienda in Tibás, Spectros in Alajuela and others! Also in discomobiles such as Seventee, Fantasía, Tuba, 2001. Also in radio discomobiles such as […]
  • Dj Chato.
    Dj Chato.V.O.R. Dj.
    Bryan Zamora a.k.a Chato from Costa Rica, DJ since 2005. The best of Reggae, Roots, Dancehall and Hip Hop is mixed by me for you! Just follow me!So Check them Out! 😉 Successes&Blessings!
  • Dj Chino.
    Dj Chino.V.O.R. Dj.
    My name is Christopher Jiménez, known in this world of music as a Chinese Dj. It all started a long time ago, I do not remember the age very well but since I was little in the late 90’s when the radio was called to ask for songs to record. There I began to have […]
  • Dj Choco.
    Dj Choco.V.O.R. Dj.
    My name is Junior lewis best known in music as (The General) Dj Choco, At an age of 10 I took my first steps and signs of what would be part of my future listening to my dad’s acetatos record different songs from the radio and encourage them, a passion that grew little by little […]
  • Dj Double D.
    Dj Double D.V.O.R. Dj.
    Daniel Abarca Elizondo, better known by his stage name DJ Double D, was born on January 12, 1984 in the city of San José, Costa Rica. He is an audio and video producer. He started as a open format DJ at Hot Discomovil in 2000. In 2003, he worked all over the country since then […]
  • Dj Fat.
    Dj Fat.V.O.R. Dj.
  • Dj Gaby.
    Dj Gaby.V.O.R. Dj.
    Gabriel Matarrita Segura, better known as DJ Gaby, was born on August 25, 1995 in Guápiles, Limón, Costa Rica. Reggae DJ since 2013, forming part of the official team of UNLIMITED Radio - Television, Reggae Gospel show in Costa Rica. DJ Gaby produces his first Reggae Gospel project called SET ME LIVE RIDDIM with the […]
  • Dj Gansta [Victor Solano]
    Dj Gansta [Victor Solano]V.O.R. Dj.
    Victor Solano Quiros Born on January 30, 1990 San José; Desamparados; Calle Fallas Street He started as a DJ in 2007 as Reggae Night Crew official DJ and debuted that same year in a Radial program for 103.1fm in the Reggae Night Crew On Di Air program. Also in Beatz 106 And Radio Urbano
  • Dj Jah Warrion.
    Dj Jah Warrion.V.O.R. Dj.
    I was born in December 87 My parents raised me with music at all times, in various circumstances of happy and sad life, of celebration and serenity, of birth and of mourning, at all times music played a leading role in my life. At a very early age, I let myself be carried away by […]
  • Dj Jossy.
    Dj Jossy.V.O.R. Dj.
  • Dj Osman.
    Dj Osman.V.O.R. Dj.
  • Dj Rydah.
    Dj Rydah.V.O.R. Dj.
  • Dj Toro.
    Dj Toro.V.O.R. Dj.
  • Dj Umpa.
    Dj Umpa.V.O.R. Dj.
  • Dj Walcott.
    Dj Walcott.V.O.R. Dj.
    Dj Walcott aka The hustler begin his musical career like Dj in Top Limit Crew in the year of 2012, also in the same year he start to promote artist’s like Japanese(Panama) Lil Dex(Costa Rica) and others artists. He is the only latin Dj of Freestyle Mania (2017)play music on stages with El Rookie and […]
  • Dj Wao.
    Dj Wao.V.O.R. Dj.
  • Dj Skelly Rojas.
    Dj Skelly Rojas.V.O.R. Dj.
    Dj Skelly is one of the pioneers of reggae and rap music in the north zone of Costa Rica, even though he was born in Ciudad Quesada he grew up in Puerto Viejo of Limón localy named Wolaba, is there where he started his passion for the reggae music and gave his first steps as […]

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