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GABY The Living Legend

Gaby The Legend

Artist, reggae music icon in spanish, singer-songwriter and the creator of the Meneaito, panamanian artist.

Gaby La Leyenda

Artista, ícono de la música reggae en español, cantante, compositor y creador del Meneaito, artista panameño.

Early life

Gaby was born on October 3, 1965 in Río Abajo, a corregimiento within the city of Panama City, Panama.

 Gaby also has two other siblings.

His parents’ occupations would have a strong influence over the paths Gaby would take in life.

His father was a professional baseball player and would make it all the way to the Triple A Houston Astros.

His mother worked in a music store in Panama called Palacio Musical.

His father would pass on a strong interest in sports.

Gaby would play baseball, as well as soccer, throughout his teenage years. This culminated in him being the captain of his high school soccer team while attending Instituto Técnico Don Bosco.

Gaby also spent a lot of time at work with his mother which exposed him to a wide array of new music on a regular basis.

He, along with many other Panamanian youth, would be exposed to Jamaican reggae and dancehall artists like Buju BantonRed Dragon , and Yellowman who were chanting and singing over instrumentals called riddims.

After high school, Gaby would major in graphic design for three years at the Universidad de Panamá before leaving school to begin his music career.


Gaby, as well as many other Panamanian musicians of the day, would find inspiration in local artists like Renato who were performing lyrics in español over Jamaican riddims.

This style of music, birthed in Panama, would be called Reggae en Español and would pave the way for Reggaeton.

 Gaby, and his partner Orlando Lindsay, would team up for several music-based hustles.

They would start out hosting parties with Orlando as the DJ and Gaby as the rapper.

They used a similar template as the popular local artists in that Orlando would play the instrumental riddims of popular records by Jamaican artists and Gaby would freestyle in español over the top.

Gaby and Orlando would eventually establish a mobile disco called SOS (Super Original Sound) and host picnics at parks during the nighttime called “paseo nocturnos”.

Gaby and Orlando utilized a unique marketing campaign to generate interest in the picnics.

The buses would run up and down the streets in a fashion that allowed a rider to exit and enter them in a continuous loop. The bus drivers also had control over the sound systems on the buses and would allow Gaby and Orlando to play their personal mixtapes.

Gaby and Orlando would sell their mixtapes to the passengers; they also would inform the passengers of the picnic they hosted at nighttime.

In 1987, Gaby would help to form a local group called “Sweet Edition”.

The group would release their self-titled first album with Tamayo Records in 1987.

This album contained the original version of “El Meneíto”.

It was originally recorded over the “Duck Riddim” by the Jamaican record producer, King Jammy.

Sweet Edition would release a second album called DURO DE MATAR in 1989, but would find their music careers disrupted by the United States invasion of Panama.

In 1990, Tamayo Records released “El Meneíto” to other countries through the Colombian label “Discos Fuentes”.

The song was placed on a compilation that included Latin music such as salsa, merengue and Colombian cumbia.

The song became a massive success all throughout South America and Hispanic communities in North America.

It would spend 11 months as the number one song in Venezuela without Gaby being aware that his record had become a hit.

Gaby would receive a call to open a show for another Panamanian artist.

Upon arriving, he would discover that many of the concert goers were there for his song, however; no way knew what Gaby looked like.

They didn’t realize who he was until he began performing.

This would culminate in him returning to Venezuela a second time and living in the Hotel Alba Caracas for a month. He would also be introduced to the Colombian cumbia act, Binomio de Oro de América.

Gaby would meet Luis Phillips and he would convince Gaby to join with other Reggae en Español artists to do a posse cut called “Las 4 Potencias Del Reggae”.

It featured Gaby, Jam & Suppose, Reggae Sam, and Renato.

The group would find massive success and would become music ambassadors for Panama. They would record a compilation album together called INDESTRUCTIBLES 100%.

The album would be recorded, and produced by Gary H Mason aka: Big Daddy G in the United States at Lazur Studios, and Engineered by Patrick Giraudi.

The vocals were recorded in Panama but all the original instrumentation was produced and recorded by Big Daddy G. in the United States.

It would be distributed internationally by BMG.

This album would include newly created and recorded instrumentation and newly created and recorded lyrics of the song entitled “El Meneaíto”.

This would be Gaby’s first international hit. The music video “El Meneaito” produced and directed by Gary Mason would go on to become a major worldwide hit. Gaby, and the rest of the crew, would tour extensively throughout South and Central America for years afterwards.

Sweet Edition would win the Premios Ronda award in Venezuela.


End of Career and Comeback

In 1995, the relationship between Gaby and his manager, Luis, deteriorated to the point that they were no longer able to work together.

Despite his best efforts, Gaby was unable to rebuild the same level of momentum from previous years and was unable to support himself, or his family, as a musician. In 1998, Gaby would move, with his wife and kids, to Germany to make a fresh start. In Germany, he would work as a personal trainer, circling back to the athletic ways of his youth.

He would remain in Germany for nine years. He moved to Las Vegas in 2007 and worked at the Trump Hotel.

Gaby would make intermittent attempts to do music again, but would not become serious about performing until 2016.

He received a phone call from a friend from Panama named Alberto Smith. Alberto informed Gaby that the Panama Urban Music Awards wanted to present him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gaby was dealing with the loss of his father and the end of his marriage. Gaby attended the Panama Urban Music Awards and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was remembered as an icon of Panamanian urban music.

He would return to reintroduce himself to the Panamanian audience.

Alberto would also introduce him to an artist by the name of Maesa Mazur. Maesa, an urban artist in Ecaudor, would bring him to Ecaudor where he would find a receptive audience.

Gaby has recorded and released several new singles, made a number of recent media appearances, and has done a number of live performances since 2016.


Confusion between Gaby and El General

Because they are both from Rio Abajo, are both a part of the same generation of Reggae en Español artists, and El General is considered the international face for Panamanian Reggae music, there has been a bit of confusion as to which of them is the author of “El Meneaíto”.


The Living Legend Says:

Happiness is a decision...
You are the only person who can make yourself happy.
You are as happy as you choose to be.
Gaby - The Living Legend.

La felicidad es una decisión…

Eres la única persona que puede hacerte feliz…

Eres tan feliz como eliges ser.

Gaby – El Legendario.

Gaby – Instinto Animal.

Gaby Discography

Studio Albums:

  • Sweet Edition - Tamayo Records (1987)
  • Duro de Matar - Sweet Edition - Tamayo Records (1989)
  • Meneaíto Vol II - Gaby - RCA Studios (1993)
  • Bad Boys - Compilation - Jams Records (1995)


  • El Meneíto in Duck Riddim - Gaby - Tamayo Records (1988)
  • El Meneaíto - Gaby - BMG/Ragga Force (1990)
  • Jump Dance - Gaby - Kinnaps Records (1993)
  • Instinto Animal - Gaby - SR (2017)
  • Ella Quiere - Gaby - SR (2018)
  • Meneaquiebra - Gaby (2020)
GABY - Before And After (Antes y Después)

Press release:

Gaby travels to Colombia Medellin, to record with the company that today represents Lirical Factory where he sings Author, director and owner is the famous Ecuadorian singer Kannon El Protagonista and The Colombian producer David Castañeda (El Ingeniero) manage to get the best out of Gaby performing very deep compositions even being urban are songs that invite you to dance, with good music.

From there arises This theme She wants authored by Kanoon played by Gaby. Ella Quiere is available on YouTube, Vevo and all digital platforms.

GABY – Ella Quiere.

Nota de Prensa:
Gaby viaja a Colombia Medellin, a grabar con la empresa que hoy lo representa Lirical Factory donde el canta Autor, director y dueño es el famoso cantante Ecuatoriano Kannon El Protagonista y El productor Colombiano  David Castañeda (El Ingeniero) logran sacar lo mejor de Gaby realizando composiciones muy profundas aun siendo urbanas son canciones que te invitan a bailar,con buena música.
De ahi surge Este tema Ella Quiere autoria de Kanoon interpretado por Gaby.  EllaQuiere está disponible en Youtube, Vevo y  todas las plataformas digitales.

Gaby New Hit Song:


The 2020 is loaded with good news the artist Winston Brown better known as GABY singing author of the Meneaito Theme, the reggae music icon launches the theme MENEAQUIEBRA market made with a fusion of rhythms with a current concept GABY surprises us with something new and innovative. Soon it will start with a media tour in Costa Rica, a country that has been chosen by the artist and his team to start this 2020 Gaby & Maesa collaborate to make this issue who has been recognized in Ecuador and internationally as a representative of the Urban genre of that country has a great career, with this production predicts open international door for its new history.
El 2020 viene cargado de buenas nuevas el artista Winston Brown más conocido como GABY canto autor del Tema El Meneaito, el icono de música reggae lanza al mercado MENEAQUIEBRA tema realizado con una fusión de ritmos con un concepto actual GABY nos sorprende con algo nuevo e innovador. Próximamente Arrancará con una gira de medios en Costa Rica país que ha sido elegido por el artista y su equipo de trabajo para arrancar este 2020 Gaby & Maesa colaboran para hacer este tema quien ha sido reconocida en Ecuador e internacionalmente como representante del genero Urbano de dicho país cuenta con una gran carrera, con esta producción se augura puerta internacionales abierta para su nueva historia.
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Maesa Mazur

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