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Created on 01/12/2019


Rammalow, born as Kezroy Parkes in the parish of St Mary, Gully Road and Highgate

grew up with his mother, father and siblings. Music has been a major factor in his life as he was bought up with a love and foundation of music. His father was the lead singer of a band and would take him to band sessions. When he was 14, his father introduced him to the kyeboard in his band, which he played for a few years until the band broke up. He attended St, Mary Tech High School music, art, and technical institution. While attending St. Mary Tech he exceled in music compellation. 


While bouncing around with nothing to do he heard of a recording studio that needed a keyboard player, so in 2009 he started working with them for a few months before opening his own. 1 MIND POWER RECORDS opened within the same year. At that time, he didn’t take singing or writing songs seriously instead he made Rhythms/beats. He decided to create a song using one of his beats just for fun and the feedback that he got from people was great so that motivated him to do more songs. At that time, his stage-name was (CRAIG-MAC) but a friend of his said that name wasn’t fitting to him and suggested to give him a name based on his lifestyle, so he said “I’m calling you (RAMMALOW” because he was a ladies man at the time). As time past his music became more polished and people liked what he was doing even more and came to his studio to record using his beats.  He enjoyed creating music and fell in love with producing and recording himself as well as others. He invested in studio equipment and opened the doors to his very own recording studio.


In 2012, he did the first song with another producer; his name was STILLKID VEENO from Voice Out Loud Records in New York, the song is call Ghetto Dreams and the music video followed, but the song didn’t go far because of poor promotion but more work came in from other producers like GUSSY CLARK from ANCHOR RECODING STUDIO, DROP DI BASS, BLESSED MORNING PRODUCTION in the UK, SIR LOGIE INTERNATIONAL RECORDS in the UK,

STEAMATIC RECORDS in Hollywood, MEGAMEN in Belgium, and Uprise Production in Florida just to name a few.


He has worked with artists like Devin Di Dakta, Warrior King, Lenn Hammond, Teflon, Turbulanc, Leroy Gibbons, Munga Honorable, Caplton and many more.He also has done a song with AHEEVA, an artist in Germany, the song is titled RUSH OF ECSTASIES, the song with MEGAMEN call TURN ME ON was a great one that got allot of hits on YouTube and other major musical platforms.


He’s been interviewed with air play on many radio stations for e.g. HITZ 92 FM, IRIE F9, ZIP FM, STYLEZ 93.6 FM, RJR FM, SUN CITY FM, SUPA JAMZ in Florida, VIBES RADIO in the UK, WVIP in New York and others in Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Argentina, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, New Zealand, Brazil, Belgium and many more.

In 2014 he entered in the J.C.D.C / Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, Popular song competition where he got to semi finals but didn’t get selected for the finals and moved on to do other projects.


He is always working on a new project with his label or someone else’s and when he’s not in the studio he’s at home with his kids or doing a show somewhere. He is at a point now where he has a nice studio and his music has grown massively since the past few years. He is happy with the work he has done so far knowing where he came from with his music, but he is still working on being on top where he’ll be in the papers on the TV, radio and touring the world constantly doing music.


The artists he admires the most are Beris Hammond because of his writing skills and his melodies; he opens his mind to the power of what a songwriter has, and Buju Bonton for his powerful vocals and conviction. He wants to be more like them or even better as there is no limit to what music can do or what a person can do musically.


Rammalow is a prolific sing-j with grate skills and the will to do big things in the music industry and make a big change in it too.


In a few years from now he sees himself as one of the most positively talked about artist in the business and making music with many of the biggest names out there and touring the word with allot of hit songs. He plans to always give his fans grate music.




Kezroy Parkes.




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