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Created on 13/08/2019

Blufire Biography

Born Curn Duncan aka “Blufire” is a 

Singer/Songwriter/Producer, who has been blessed with a musical gift that is on a level surpassing most.

His development and love for music came at an early age when sound systems reigned and sound clash was a form of recreation within his community, making Reggae and Dancehall his first  musical influence.

He began composing and recording numerous songs, developing his writing  and vocal ability,  giving him the art & skill to compose other genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and a wide range of Electronic Dance Music.

His deep, raspy but melodic sound is a stand out amongst others and he is also one of the illest lyricist  out there, he is Life In Visual Energy, he is the “BLUFIRE

Yami Bolo Biography

Yami Bolo grew up in Kingston 13.   

His first professional job  and exposure was with Sugar Minott’s Youth Promotion Crew.   His first singles were released in  1986, and he had his greatest success working with Augustus Pablo in the late 1980s and early 1990s, on singles such

as “Struggle in Babylon”.

He has worked as an Ambassador far reggae around the


He contributed to Damian Marley’s 2001  Grammy

Award winning album Half way Tree (2002 Best Reggae


Yami Bolo has collaborated with sorne of reggae’s

greatest artists and producers; including Damian Marley,

Tenor Saw, Sugar Minott, Capleton, Tapper Zukie, Sly and

Robbie, and King Jammys Studios.

His success as a reggae artist has allowed him to record

many songs professing the Rastafarian faith as taught by

the Ethiopian Orthodox Church throughout his three

decades in the reggae industry.Yami Bolo has been

performing Rastafarian works since the mid-1980s touring

with many different reggae groups including Augustus

Pablo’s Rockers crew.

His Rastafarian inspired music is listened to around

the world, particularly in reggae niche markets like

Japan, Australia, Britain, France, USA and Germany.  As

an ambassador far reggae, Yami Bolo conducted Rastafari

cultural studies at world  renowned universities, like SUNY

in New York State and MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In addition, Yami Bolo has supported the city of New

Orleans and its surrounding areas by volunteering his

musical talent at live performances in Louisiana.

Yami Bolo Soundcloud Songs

Blufire Feat. Yami Bolo Mr Lynch Man

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Meet the Man

Classy, fresh, innovative and radiant are all words that describe the star qualities of DJ
Splackavelli Softouch.

He has toured the world and has brought the electrifying power
of reggae music into the heart of his second home, London.

His renowned worldwide
success is undeniable and he consistently delivers upfront records through a
production company. His entrepreneurship as a booking agent allows him to discover
and develop world class talents and he has never failed in doing so. With a presence felt
globally through his European tours in France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Denmark,
Switzerland, Germany and Belgium as well as World tours in Jamaica, Antigua, St Croix,
Virgin Islands, Japan, and across the United States, his fan base is built worldwide. His
tours includes collaborations with some of the hottest acts, such as Damien Marley,
Julian Marley, Steven Marley, Alicia Keys, Demarco, Da’ Ville, Gyptian and many more.
DJ Softouch is best known for his uncanny and lively character and his insatiable ability
to interview the world’s most prominent artists such as P Diddy, Wyclef Jean, Sean
Kingston, Shaggy, T-Pain, Sean Paul and Usain Bolt just to a name few. His ability as an
intrepid entertaining force, enables him to provide a vibe that breaks down ethnic,
cultural and language barriers, which is a hysteria that can neither be matched nor


Much of his success can be attributed to his upbringing in Jamaica where the strong
values and the strict disciplines of life are learnt and respected. He draws influence
from his role models Bob Marley, Quincy Jones, Marcus Garvey and Rosa Parks which
has led to his very conscientious character and his ability to think outside the box.
Having travelled the world at a young age and leading a cultured lifestyle, has made

music a major part of his life.

As a Deejay, he, uses music as a social tool and platform to create positive vibes and
social cohesion. The sheer joy he gets from entertaining is Splacka’s main inspiration.
By living in London, Splackavelli uses his talent in music to support and aid his
community. He assists in projects designed to help the young and disadvantaged to
become better citizens, unlike many who simply use their craft to appeal to a particular

audience, DJ Splackavelli aspires to touch the world with his heart.

Stationed in the Brent area, North West of London, he has helped to develop career
seminars and various youth programs that provides enrichment for hundreds of
different young people. Being a recognised personality with a humble heart and always
working towards the upliftment of his community, Splackavelli has launched the
careers of many local North West London artists such as Smuji, Swell Dawg, Chuckie
Starr and Dolomite. On the other side of the Atlantic he has helped artists such as Mad
Cobra, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Bennie Man, Junior Reid, Luciano, Busy Signal, Lukie
D, Jazmine Sullivan, Sean Kingston, T-Pain, Demarco and Da’ville. He has established,
solid fan bases in the UK market and additionally, he has held freelance public relations
(PR) and Artist and Repertoire (A&R) positions supporting companies such as Sony/
BMG, Atlantic, VP, and Greensleeves market and he has developed a wide range of
various urban acts across the globe. He’s also an elite and experienced primetime radio
presenter with numerous number one radio shows under his belt with established

national and community stations such as Kiss FM and Beat FM,

Splackavelli is a trailblazer and a living legend for his contribution towards the urban
community today. He is Mr Showtime, Mr Primetime and he’s ready to take over the
world with entertainment, but the question you must ask yourself is:

Are you ready for DJ Splackavelli Softouch?

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