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Squashed between an ample haggler and a crocus bag of tings, on a Kingston bound ‘country-bus’ before the morning sun had blessed the chilly parish of Manchester, the young Cardiff Butt aka- General Degree, would practice his rhyming skills. Money saved from his tailoring job tucked Into his billfold, the destination was the network of […]

Josué Durán a.k.a. JD –  nació el 31 de marzo de 1999se inspiro escuchando rap en español e inglés, mezclas entre 2pac, biggie, NWA, Nas y los aldeanos, Canserbero, Akapellah, Lil Supa. No sólo rap, también músicos como: Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra.también en el rock como por ejemplo el de: Metallica, Rammstein, Pink Floyd y demas. […]

    Munga Honorable, whose real name is Damian Rhoden, and another passenger inside his car were rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries. We’re told at least one person died in the three-car pile-up on the Mandela Highway in Kingston. The dead female has been identified as 26-year-old Tashana Cumbermack who has a […]

Masta CR Moisés Aaron Miranda Walcott conocido como Masta CR.   Nació 25 feb en 1981 en San Jose Costa Rica,creció en un barrio suburbio del sur llamado Barrio Cuba,desde pequeño fue muy influenciado por la música por su Padre ya que era tenor lírico y por la música que su madre desde pequeño lo […]

  El rapero asiático panameño “Shyno Gatillo”, está arrasando en las redes sociales, esto debido a que los videos en su cuenta de Youtube, han sobrepasado ya los millones de vistas en total con su rap en español. Sin embargo la noticia que encontramos hoy es que poco a poco, a través de la cuenta llamada “Los mejores raperos […]

” Pégate ” Nace en la ciudad de Medellín, Gaby , viaja a Medellín Colombia a trabajar la producción de sus nuevos sencillos junto a los productores ingeniero y kj. Este último, artista y compositor, tenía esta canción escrita, y en vista de su concepto playero, bailable y movido, propuso a Gaby el featuring para […]

My name is Fabian Morgan, I am from Yallahs, St Thomas in Jamaica W.I. I am an upcoming artist. My stage name is Ikaam aka kaamdem. I sing and dance. I have been doing music for almost fifteen years. I’m seeking an opportunity to enhance my career as an international musical artist. My two inspirational […]

Sycorah Biography Sycorah was inspired by her parents. Her late mother was a Dancehall artist known as Sneaking Rachel. She managed Sycorah’s music career until she died. Her last words to her daughter were “You’re going to be a star.” She also carries the words of her father who continues to be a forceful influence […]

Ginjah Biography   On September 7th 1978, a bright and sunny day in the parish of Hanover/ Jamaica, a bouncing baby boy was born and named Valentine Nakrumah Fraser, who the world now know as „Ginjah“. From Hanover he moved to St. James where hie attended school and ultimately growing into a mild mannered young […]

Introducing Jamaica’s Reggae Songstress Ms. Sophia Brown Beautiful, Talented and extremely passionate about music would be the best way to describe reggae vocalist Sophia Brown. A full-fledged performer by choice Brown has been in the music business for over a decade but recently launched her 14-track debut album “The Spotlight” in Kingston Jamaica. A seasoned […]

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