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 About US

  • Mission

    Be the online communication media that informs and entertains with high standards of quality, innovation and social commitment, . constantly exceeding the expectations of our audience, customers, suppliers and shareholders, generating stability and development for our employees.


  • Vision

    Consolidate radio leadership in Costa Rica, develop the Spanish-speaking market and continuously improve processes through the talent of our collaborators.


  • Our Story

    The proposal of VoiceOver Radio, is born by the need to provide a service which is necessary and very required in the music industry around the world, marketing, brand management or artists as well as the reproduction of their material and positioning of your product or brand is our main focus, with more than 12 years of experience and to know the radio and music market, we gave ourselves the task of creating a useful, bold, effective platform that will provide a secure and agile result that our associates deserve, dissemination, reproduction, mixing and mastering of their audio material, we have a unique and novel platform, which allows us to monitor our radio listeners in real time from any part of the globe, we are the only company that It offers this service through preferential packages that include mixing, mastering and reproduction of the material, which includes the worldwide dissemination of icho material or commercial topic.


  • Why an online station

    We chose to be an online station, after doing a deep survey regarding the current trends of millions of people, which nowadays, in the future and around the world, use their playback devices such as, Smartphone, tablets, iPads, iPods , browsers as their first and most used daily option in their daily lives, to be online, allows us an incalculable reach of marketing in unreachable places for an FM station, which today are obsolete routine, not practical, inaccessible, expensive and embedded in a format that is no longer profitable for businesses or artists seeking to promote their brand or product..


About Voiceover Radio

Who is Voiceover Radio.

Voiceover Radio corporate established in Costa Rica, was first started by Ricardo Lewis and Alvaro Tenorio adding later Jose Gamboa to the team, and now they run one of the most important Online Radio stations in Costa Rica and around the world.

Added to this great team the human fact is great based on the high quality Dj's and it's programming that run the radio.

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